KreuvfWZ2120 Insignia for great ideasMod-Leader(Plan), Member of, Webmaster of
Speedyhas no projectnoneScripter, Member of
AjaxderHeldWZ2120 Insignia for great ideasModder
BotmanGTWZ2120 Insignia for mapwork
Insignia for great ideas
Mapmaker, Member of
Faquerreleased Insignia for great ideasBetatester (campaigns)
EaTm3WZ2120noneBetatester (AI + Balancing)
Soulreaverreleased Insignia for great ideasModelling
Neosysresigned; had not enough timenoneScripting

The webmaster is almost everyday in the chatroom #warzone2100 at gamesugre from 6 o'clock to 8 o'clock p.m.(GMT +01:00).