New technologies
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Interview with Kreuvf


While you were destroying its base, NEXUS sent his whole memories and its main_program through an underground-tunnel-system to an island (the British Isles) near Europe. In Europe there is higher radiation than in America. The British Isles have been terribly destroyed by the A-bombs and H-bombs that were "sent" to earth. Nexus began to build a colonie on the British Isles, after the temperatures had normalized. Because it was connected to its base in America, it could easily send itself to Europa. NOW it is rebuilding its base and it takes improvements on the defense. First, the Project thought NEXUS was erased forever.


First contact to Europe. Population there about 1 million, in America about 1.5 million.


For three days connection to europe was cut.
NEXUS had invaded all bigger cities and infested every communication possibility and news channel.


Connection to Europe has been reactivated.
"Everything is OK, just some power-cuts!"


Official statement: "Europe began to test the warp-technology."
What really happened: A warp-controller has been designed by NEXUS and used with best results. Transmission-time for a Vengeance-tracks-Gauss_Cannon-tank from Rome to Berlin was 1min 7s.


On conspirative internet sites were reports on 21.04.2115 published. Pictures of NEXUS cruelity were shown.
The Project begins to do some research on this topic.


First working Project-warp-controller was built.
Europe's population at that time was about 5000 men - rest has been killed by NEXUS.
American population was about 1.7 million.


First conflicts between Europe[NEXUS] and America
accelerated warp-trasfer: 500km/310 miles in 11s


A group of asian special forces broke into NEXUS core-systems and stole a copy of NEXUS-main-program.


NEXUS-copy has been reprogrammed an now is called DAWN. DAWN has a female interface. After two weeks DAWN controls most of asia.


Great Asia declares war to Europe.


Project discovers NEXUS-tunnel-system.
War begins again, but on a higher tech-level.

New technologies

- warpcontroller (can control two warp-fields)
- DAWN-bodies FLY/BEE/WASP in white/cristall (if possible)
- many new incendiary weapons such as incendiary twin-mg, incendiary cannon
- new tileset: coresystem (many stone, less plants)
- armored hover propulsion (slower, but more "long-life")
- repairbuilding (1x1, robot-arm, that repairs automatically all buildings surrounding it)
- a-bomb (only once per game)
- laser satellit and satellite uplink center will be removed

Additional information:

- better tile-sets and skins for the models
- high-poly-models
- new campaign "The Lost Artifact"
- NEXUS survived
- you can choose one side, or play as The Project ( three campaigns-> three endings)

Questions and Answers (questions: Speedy; answers: Kreuvf)

Question: Which technologies are researched (no details)?
- T2 must
- Supercrete Mk3
- VTOL (complete)
- VTOL-CB-Tower
- VTOL-Strike-Tower
- body technologies T3 (all collective-bodies are researched->will be replaced by DAWN-bodies)
- weapon, mostly T2 (Heavy cannon, Twin-Hyper-Velocity-Cannon, Twin-Hyper-Velocity-Gun, Tank Killer-Rocket, ......more in chat)
- propulsions, all?!?

Which new weapons will be there?
- Long-Range-Flamethrower (range= 1.4*PlasmiteFlamer.longRange)
- Heavy cannon mk2 (name has to be discussed; cannon end has another color - I would use red)
- new rockets
- lasers will be changed: Plasma Cannon->bin
- "whole-map-artillery" changed/weakened/bin
- tank traps with better design

Which new units can we expect?
- combinations of DAWN-bodies with different standard and new weapons
- old bodies + new weapon + old propulsion

Which new buildings will exist?
- the repairarm (a robot-arm, that automatically repairs all 8 buildings surrounding it; repairspeed=2.6*truck.repairspeed)
- new featurebuildings

Which new technologies will be there?
- for every weapon a little techtree (cristallic alloys Mk1, Mk2, Mk3 ->DAWN Fly/Bee/Wasp)

Where will the mod take place?
- in Asia/Europe and in the CORE-SYSTEM-AREA

Which fractions will exist?
- Project (something like the US, but less patriotic and heroic)
- DAWN - reprogrammed version of NEXUS (female interface)
- NEXUS - more brutal than ever (horrible videos, NO SPLATTER!!!!!!!!!!)
- and the scavengers

Are there any information about the campaign design?
- like in Urban Assault there is a map, you can choose the mission from an european/asian map
- at the beginning you can choose from three campaigns
- Europe -> Kill Nexus (main technologies: rockets and artillery)
- Asia -> Kill Dawn (main technologies: lasers and bodies)
- Uralbase -> don't let DAWN and NEXUS begin war (a defensecampaign: difficult)
- in short submissions you get new technologies from Project (they can do research too, can't they?)