05-24-04: Warzone2120 - List of weapons
Yesterday holidays began and after all that stress I finally had time to do sth. for Warzone2120. A project, which has been started over a year ago and now mainly consists of two members.

And what I did yesterday, can either be viewed here or by clicking "LST". It's about a list of all in Warzone2120 used vehicle/VTOL-weapons and their important properties.

03-14-04: New Tutorial
I finished work on a tutorial on the topic custom-tileset-maps (it's in english AND german). It can be found in TUT-section.

03-06-04: Site Update
I updated the whole site. All ex-team-members are no longer enlisted as team-mebers.
Some will think that work has stopped, but to those I can only say that appearences are deceptive. We always work, but at different speeds. In the beginning everything went easy and was fast to do, so now we have come a stage of progress which needs time and patience.

02-01-04: Site Update
The first update of year '04. It lastes long, but this time there's a really nice extra feature: a new map. It'll be part of the Warzone2120 map-pack. Now there's only a screenshot, but (in German) there's dictum: "What needed much time, will be good!"

11-15-03 pm.6:40: Server
We were moving from one to another server. But the visitors of Warzone2120.de.vu couldn't notice it, because it was done so clever.

11-08-03 pm.2:00: Site Update + Preview
Site Update of the english sites. Monthly Feature: November

Preview (kind of advert for wz2120) is online. Click on "PV".

08-24-03 pm.6:00: Site Update and Tutorials
The best thing first. The german tutorials for EditWorld and Pie Slicer are online. Unfortunately they are only available in german.
The site has been expanded accordingly. The monthly feature of September isn't online, yet. But it'll be online till Friday 29th.

08-01-03 pm. 6:00: Site Update
In the past month many things happened. The final modteam is created, the first plans at the forums began, which are now only viewable for modteam-members, a site for the 'Monthly Feature' has been added, the navigation expanded, the biggest maps (250x250) of the Europe campaign are finished and the diary of this project was set up.

Also, there is a new monthly feature that can be found on the warzone2100.de forums.

07-01-03 pm. 6:00: Site Update
I'm going to do one site update per month from now on.
Following sites had been updated
  • Development-site
  • Navigation
  • Start-site
  • Mod-team-site
  • contact-site
  • and corresponding german sites
    As always, if you find any mistakes, please send an e-mail to me or post it into forum.

  • 06-20-03 pm. 6:30: First map created
    BotmanGT published a first tilemap of Great Britain, which is the last scenario of the NEXUS campaign.
    Want to have that map? Mail me! Or have a look at the forums.

    06-01-03 pm. 6:30: English Version
    Yeah, I did it ;-)
    Translated whole site contents from English into German. If there are any mistakes, please correct me.
    Send me an e-mail

    06-01-03 pm. 7:30: Warzone2120.de.vu is online
    At last it happened. Warzone2120.de.vu opens its doors..