What is the development-site about?
The development-site should give insights in our work to outsiders, who ever have been interested in what modders do. Partially you can get to know this from our idea-collection for Warzone 2120. But only partially. And the gap, that remains, is filled by this site.

Which tools do you use?
Now, I can only say the tools I use.
- Pie Slicer DX in the version 1.06.082 for the models
- MS Paint for textures/skins
- IrfanView in the version 3.85 for converting bmp->gif; bmp->jpg and vice versa
- Customizer Kit in the version 2.16.130 for weapon-modifying and research-modfying
- Editworld D3D in the version for levels
- Tile Map Linker 1.01.0001 for Custom-Tilesets
- MakeWDG.exe + compiler.bat for compiling wdg
- Either mIRC 6.03 or the plugin at for chatting

How do you plan the whole thing?
A difficult question, although the answer seems easy.

1. Forum
At forums (usually) I plan what to do and divide the work. Everybody whose member of the modteam can post. Everybody can take part in it, just write an application at warzone2120-public (externes warzone2120-forum).

At forums alot of things are planned - rough and detailled. All members can post something and ask a question about WZ2120-relative topics. Me and the whole rest of the team try to answer them as good as possible. Also there are some mini-tutorials to find at the forums. MaC - thank him for an ad-free site - has a working timetable-php-script and everybody now has an overview over the work.

2. Chat
Chat is for exact planning. Here are lesser problems discussed, the little things improved and files are shared. Don't forget the fun. Who wants to can have a look at the chat. #warzone2100 @ Gamesurge.

3. E-Mail
Nobody thought about e-mail, didn't you? If you can't make it to complete work while a chat-session or DCC somehow doesn't work, the good old e-mail won't let you down.

Who does the whole planning?
Everybody can plan sth., but at least it's my decision. In most cases you can find a middle-way und for ideas there are insignias, which you see @ the mod-team-site.

Question to the users: What other things do you want to know?
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