Berlin - Start and Mainbase of the NEXUS-Campaign Denmark - NEXUS escapes from Berlin with an Artifact und you have to capture it The Alpes - nothing planned yet. Revisit this site and maybe it is refreshed on your next visit! Sicily - Nothing planned, too. France - a large map. Probably the last base of NEXUS on the European continent. Pyren??? - a 250x250-map with many valleys and mountains. A detailled plan doesn't exist. Great Britain - the last mission against NEXUS. Here are its new core-systems and a new secret weapon will be used in order to erase the Project forever. Moscow - in this additional mission you'll get new weapons to update your old Project-weapons. Rome/Italy - here is another support base of the Project. A carrier with new body-technologies is at the docks. Monthly Feature

The monthly feature is a kind of goodie for the community of the warzone2120-mod. Every month there is a special item published. It can be a wallpaper, a beta-version, a map, a screenshot....

Monthly Feature: February '04

Even if this feature is entered extremly late, you can consider this feature a jewel.
I'm talking about BotmanGT's Map Special Urban Battle. The special about this map is that it is a real team-map. Four sides with two players per side. And them in one base. Alliances are obligatory. Unfortunately this map can only be played with sense with human players or with a "all-AI-players-against-the-humans"-AI. Also I can say that ChainsawMonkey's great tileset brings out very much of the very old warzone2100-graphic.

Monthly Feature: November '03

This feature will by disappointing for couple of you out there, but others will be glad. This time there won't be anything to see, hear or play, but "only" information about the nearly all-over new techtree and the new weapons together with their abilities.

Let's begin with the weapons. For some gamers there will be surprising modifications in many categories. But every change will be justifiable. So every howitzer and artilery rocket, because the gameplay and the fun suffered from this artilery. The next change concerns the Machine Guns. Only the assault gun is available at the beginning. The assault gun join the twin assault gun and the incendiary assualt gun. The incendiary assault gun cannot make an inferno and the fire effect should only increase its anti-cyborg-damage und should make it a little bit more effective against hover- and wheeled vehicles. Also the rockets and missiles had been abridged. Minirockets and the AT-rocket Lancer are dropped out. Lancer had to go, because it is not an anti-tank-weapon. It was used against everything. Minirockets will be replaced by incendiary minirockets, so you never get minirockets. But there are many new rockets. The A-Rocket can annihilate a fifth of a big map (don't be surprised.. it's really laggy). The Snider-Rocket is my beauty. It has a 95% hit percentage, but flies as slow as a bug-tracks-plasma cannon.
The gauss weapons also got new technology: Light/Medium/Heavy Particle Cannon. The data of the particle cannon is top secret. To not go beyond the scope of this feature now the last category: AA
From the beginning only Cyclone will be available and Whirlwind does no longer beg for the right to exist, as it was strengthened. The new AA-weapon is Helix, which is based on particle technology.

now we come to the techtree, that will be logically traceable.
Laser Satellite Station and Satillite Uplink Center will be disabled, so the gameplay doesn't suffer, when one player has this technology and can 'observe' everybody else. Another brandnew research branch is named 'Mechs'. In the internal game Mechs will replace the little cyborgs and will be produced in a factory. New Cyborgs will be added with analogical weapons. A new cyborg category are the melee cyborgs. Their equipped with weapons that doom them to attack only small (2x2 max.) buildings. The release of the finished Warzone2120 Version is blurry, but we calculated with something like the first quarter of 2004.

Monthly Feature: September '03

As part of the Warzone2120-Project BotmanGT made a tutorial for the mapeditor "EditWorld v." and Kreuvf made one for the model-editor "Pie Slicer v1.06.082". These tutorials are at the moment ONLY for the german community. But I think it doesn't really matter, because on Coyote's Tutorial-Site you'll find everything you need.
Besides those two features, there is yet another one: The start of the NEXUS-Campaign as multiplayer-map: Berlin - Multiplayer

Have fun!

Monthly Feature: August '03

An overview-map of the NEXUS-campaign. You can see information about the order of the missions. You can go over the missions with the mouse pointer and see information. Be careful! There is much SPOILER in it, so don't read it, if you want to keep your anticipation.

Additional missions are missions you can play for technogologies, but you needn't to play.

Monthly Feature: July '03

It's an exclusive map. The last map of the NEXUS-campaign as a multiplayer-version. All you need is something to unzip the file into your warzone-folder.